Welcome to HamsterLine V2!

  Hamsterline is a virtual hamster website, where you adopt your own hamster and care for it! Just like in the real world, it needs food, water, training, and most importantly, love. Do tons of things with your hamster, and maybe be the top hamster owner on HamsterLine! Come register and test your hamster skills on one of the top Hamster SIMs!





Hello Hamsterline! We've noticed that most players have not been active, and not many are joining. So, we're spicing up the site some.  Through the month of January you will find new graphics. The hamsters may look different, grooming may look different, etc. You will also find many of your pages are on links to the forum. This will be saving some of our page limits and will make things easier. Lastly, new pages. Like the "Find" page and "Collectable Cards." Have fun, keep inviting more players and keep playing your hearts out.